Matlock Shorthorns Heading

We are a 4th generation family farm.  We live in northwest Saskatchewan, in Hill Country.

This year our family will celebrate 100 years - Century Family Farm.  100 years ago Jim’s Grandfather Harold Haydock moved here and setup a homestead.  How exciting!  In 1941 Jim’s Dad, Byron Haydock, purchased his first purebred Shorthorn female and we proudly say that we are still raising Shorthorns 73 years later.

Jim & I have 5 children.  The 3 girls are grown and moved away with families of their own.  Our sons Cameron & Colin are still here and helping out.

We grow canola and hard red spring wheat for cash crop. We grow oats and barley for feed grain, silage and swath grazing.  We also grow our own hay supply.

Our cow herd consists of mainly purebred Shorthorns and a few commercial Shorthorns.  Also just to keep life interesting we are slowly building a Red & Black Angus herd.

Our cattle are ranch raised and have to perform!  Our focus is on quality!!

We keep up to date on all vaccination protocols and deworming.  Give us a call any time or stop by and we will be happy to show you our cowherd and have a visit.

Jim and Creta Haydock
Colin and Cameron Haydock